IAC’s complete refurbishment Service carries out upgrades and adaptations flexibly und as required. Refurbishment services include finishes (wall fabrics, carpets and ceilings) air conditioning, rewiring, lighting, replacement walls or roof panels, structurally isolated floors, doors and windows.

IAC’s complete advice and design service for upgrading and/or adapting existing audiology facilities ensures alignment with all current legal requirements.

We also specialise in the refurbishment of facilities not originally built by IAC. Our in-house design specialists undertake a complete review of the existing facility before ensuring all element of the client brief are tackled expertly. 

IAC’s latest range of wall, ceiling and floor finishes create a stylish yet functional, durable interior. Silent air conditioning systems can be installed, existing systems serviced and upgraded. IAC’s acoustic, DDA and/or fire doors can significantly improve acoustic performance.

Our Architectural Team are ready for a no obligation site-survey at your convenience.

IAC Audiology Refurbishment Service benefits include:

  • Guaranteed acoustic performance
  • Technical Standards Compliance including ISO 8253 and ISO BS EN 6189
  • Clean, rapid installation with minimum building disruption time
  • Strong, lightweight structures approx one third weight of similar size conventional structures  
  • Complete design flexibility
  • Easy, cheap room dismantling and re-location with no loss of acoustic performance
  • Variety of finishes for stylish, functional, long-life interior
  • Upgrade or service of existing air conditioning systems
  • Recycling of existing components where possible