Medical & Research

Audiology Rooms & Health Research

IAC Acoustics is the global leader in providing hearing test cabins and rooms for audiological examinations and audiometric research. Our success lies in the utilization of Moduline™ technology – a concept designed for various applications. This modular technology ensures outstanding sound insulation, reduces reverberation in medical cabins, and provides advanced design for vibration and noise protection without the need for additional acoustic components or materials. Each technical component of our system undergoes regular quality control in our own laboratory, guaranteeing customers high-quality products and ensuring the specified properties. Due to our modular metallic structure, all our chambers not only feature options for quiet ventilation, noise absorption, soundproofing, and vibration isolation but also can protect against high levels of electromagnetic waves and various types of radiofrequency fields to avoid unwanted artifacts.

Audiology Rooms

IAC’s 70 years of experience in designs and installation of Rooms and Booths is second to none.

Hearing Test Cabins

IAC Acoustics has 70 years of experience in the design and installation of audiology booths. We design, manufacture and install a wide standard range of high performance booths that offer noise reduction levels from between 35 to 60dB.

EMI / RF Shielded Acoustic Rooms

No longer have to compromise between noise reduction, sound isolation, sound absorption, or EMI RF shielding!

Mobile Facilities

IAC’s mobile audiology units give employers the best environment to meet their healthcare screening needs.


IAC’s complete refurbishment carries out upgrades and adaptations flexibly and as required. Refurbishment services include finishes (wall fabrics, carpets and ceilings) air conditioning, rewiring, lighting, replacement walls or roof panels, structurally isolated floors, doors and windows.