Soundproof Products

Acoustic Doors, Windows & Architectural Components

IAC Acoustics offers a diverse range of high-performance customized acoustic solutions, products, and components including doors and windows, as well as other sound-isolating materials, elements, and structures that are designed to minimize sound transmission through any surface. With over seventy years of experience, our expertise lies in solving issues related to noise isolation and containment, making the specification and quality of our products vital for any application.

Studio acoustic

IAC Acoustics produces listening rooms for testing the sound quality of various noises associated with a certain vehicle.

Acoustic doors

IAC Acoustics is a world leader in the manufacturing and installation of high performance acoustic doors. With an acoustics range from 47 dB to 70 dB our single and double leaf acoustic doorsets STC47-STC70 are the most efficient, user friendly on the market.

Acoustic windows

IAC Noise-lock® acoustic windows can be manufactured bespoke specific to your application and are available in STC ratings from 30 to over 60 with noise reduction (NIC) of 30-90 db.

Absorption and reverberation control

IAC Acoustics offers a range of different panels to reduce echo and reverberation within buildings.
By reducing the reverberation, a softer sound is achieved and speech intelligibility is improved -
noisy environments appear less stressful.

Music practise rooms

Our range of modular music practice rooms, vocal booths and soundproof booths provide the perfect environment for musical and vocal performance and assessment.