Sound absorbing material

 Whether in industrial and production halls or large open-plan offices, machines, workshops, or conversations often cause high noise levels. This noise is not only disruptive for employees, but can also become a health problem. In industrial settings, as well as in recording studios or music rehearsal rooms, it is necessary to reduce noise within the room and to shield noise from the outside. Therefore, using acoustic absorbers is an ideal noise protection measure as they effectively reduce noise emissions and reverberation in buildings. However, sound absorbers are also indispensable in the fields of industry, medicine, and research, where echo-free or sound-reduced rooms are required for acoustic measurement rooms, audiometry cabins, and test benches.

IAC Acoustics makes all this and more possible with reliable noise control systems. We are your partner in all questions of room acoustics. With our flexible and reliable sound absorber panels, we provide you with noise protection solutions that meet standards. Contact us now for your project!

High-Performance Acoustic Absorbers: Individual Components or Comprehensive Noise Control kit

Our acoustic absorbers reduce sound transmission highly effectively. You can obtain individual panels in various designs for your business and choose from a wide range of surfaces and colors. Our high-performance acoustic absorbers seamlessly blend into any environment. Additionally, we offer acoustically absorptive pictures in our comprehensive range.


panels are wrapped using acoustically transparent, highly durable fabrics which compliment the excellent sound absorbing properties of the panel core. A choice of colours ensures that Absorbatone™ panels can either be a colourful feature or discreetly blend into the background depending on the application and customer requirements.

The panels are designed to be directly fixed to flat surfaces (walls/ceilings) with either high tack adhesive or mechanically, depending on the make up of the host room structure.

Typical Uses of IAC Absorbatone™


The modular wall and ceiling panels are part of a laboratory-tested system, where they can be flexibly combined with doors, windows, and ventilation systems for desired constructions.


The modular panels can be hung from the ceiling or mounted on the walls to reduce echoes and improve speech intelligibility in the room. The acoustic absorbers are made of steel sheets and are covered with special wool or polyester, depending on the purpose.

Moduline-Akustikpaneele Varitone-Akustikabsorber


Advantages of IAC Acoustics Absorbers at a Glance:

  • Custom noise control solutions thanks to the modular system
  • Suitable for both wall and ceiling installation
  • Durable, long-lasting products
  • Excellent absorption values according to DIN standards
  • High sound quality
  • Elements available in desired aesthetics that match your corporate design
  • Made from sustainable and safe materials (e.g., acoustic foam)

Do you want more than individual acoustic panels, but a comprehensive noise control solution? Alternatively, book our turnkey IAC complete service, where we develop a tailored overall concept for your project. We then produce perfectly fitting acoustic elements — such as absorber panels, noise control cabins, walls, soundproof doors, and windows — and also install them upon request.

Hochleistungs-Schallabsorber im Fitness-Workout-Raum

Sound Insulation Elements for Various Applications

Thanks to our wide range of sound insulation elements, we have the capability to support projects from a variety of different industries with our professional solutions. Below is an overview of some of our end users. If your company is not listed here or you have specific requirements for acoustic absorbers, feel free to contact us. We welcome any acoustic challenge!

  • Office complexes
  • Gastronomy
  • Studios
  • Scientific institutions
  • Educational institutions
  • Medical practices and clinics
  • Government agencies
  • Industry
  • Shopping centers

IAC GmbH — Noise Control Service from the Professionals

For over 50 years, we have been offering sophisticated systems for noise control and room acoustics. We support you at every step of the overall process. Before starting the project, we conduct an acoustic and visual assessment of your location. The goal: to determine which surfaces and objects need sound insulation. Following the on-site measurement, we proceed with development, construction, delivery, and installation — all from a single source to ensure precise manufacturing and installation.

Contact us now for a personal consultation with our experts to learn how we can assist you with acoustic absorbers and other noise control solutions. We look forward to your inquiry.